The belief system of right-thinking, educated modern Western people today

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Questions we should consider asking:

Why do Westerners today think they are so morally superior?
Why do we suddenly think differently from previous generations about homosexuality?
Why are we no longer wary of letting large numbers of foreigners cross our borders?
Why is family no longer important?
Why do atheists hold views contrary to science?

Interrogating Progressivism

Passing comments about the religious nature of supposedly secular modern Western political and social thought are becoming increasingly commonplace. Few of these observers are theologians, and most may not even regard themselves as religious, so their comments seldom go beyond “this seems rather like religion”.  Here this phenomenon is tackled head on. How are modern “Progressive” attitudes religious? If our minds, our attitudes are being controlled by an invisible religion, should we not be brave and free enough to ask what it is that controls us? Let us bring it out into the open and examine it. Who knows, we might even summon up the courage to confront our innate religious sense, as human beings, and dare to grapple with the biggest questions that humans can face – and must face if they are to fulfil their highest nature.

It’s Religion  –  more and more commentators are twigging 

The list of commentators who have spotted the religiosity of Progressivism is growing longer:

Jonathan Haidt, Professor of Psychology New York University,  

John Gray, Philosopher 

David Azzerad, Professor of Political Philosophy

Andrew Doyle, Playwright, Satirist 

Jonathan Clark, Historian

Laurence Fox, Actor

The Process by which Progressivism has replaced liberal democratic self-government:

Without a vision the people perish. Prov 29:18.

Western civilisation has tried to live without religion and without restraint. The chickens are coming home to roost. A new, hidden, religion is tightening its grip on us. Someone who is forced to follow a religion without even understanding it is not free and is no longer fully human. This website attempts to challenge us to face up to the reality of this religion which is now filling the religious vacuum in our public space like an invisible gas. Here we attempt to understand Progressivism, evaluate it, interrogate it and suggest we reject it in favour of a better religion that is constructive, and conducive to human freedom and flourishing. That is the religion of Christianity which has built the Western civilization which we enjoy. Putting aside the first question, of truth, Christianity can be seen, on any objective assessment, to be outstanding in enabling people to get along together in harmonious constructive society. Today, in 2021, we are seeing the steepening decline of the West like the Gadarene pigs, possessed. Progressivism is the possessor and our generation now has the responsibility to preserve the freedom, tolerance and culture built up over centuries of Christendom, or else condemn our children and grandchildren and descendants to live in a culture that we would find horrifying.


Christianity has been sidelined in Western societies like Britain. It restricts our self-indulgence, there is not so much money in it, no self-righteousness or hatred of others. We have developed into a modern society and we no longer need primitive religious beliefs, or so we are told.

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried” GK Chesterton.

That leaves a vacuum. Without strong Christian faith we fall back into materialism and self-indulgence. Greed, envy and sex help corporations to sell their products, and are used by the media to win audiences, so these base instincts are fanned, encouraged and even lauded. Even if we like to think we are rational post-religious people we continue to need morality, to the surprise of many Atheists. A new belief system to justify our self-indulgence arises.

Even when they think they have outgrown religion, humans still find they need a belief system, in order to:

1   make sense of a complicated confusing world

2   for a sense of morality. Modern atheist man should be able to live rationally without morality, on his own understanding of human nature, but somehow he cannot. Theists know why that is, that God made us in his image and wants us to relate to him. Atheists, however, will grasp for any other explanation before they turn to God.

The industrial revolution set off an age of change and economic progress, still continuing today and even accelerating in the technological and information revolution. With industrial progress has come progress in medicine and health. Our lives are easier, with inconveniences removed by technological advance. It has been easy to persuade people that along with material improvements and the reduction of suffering we are also becoming morally better.

I heard of a young London socialite, whose habit was to turn up late to parties about two thirds of the way through. Here’s Harry, a bit late as usual aren’t you, he was asked by a friend one evening. Harry confided, “yes, I like to time my arrival for when the party hits its peak. Then people get to associate my appearance with things really hitting a high point”.

Progressivism tries to hitch a ride on the genuine progress in science, business, technology, medicine and social conditions to slip into our thinking the assumption that we are also progressing in social life and morality.

Equality has been seized upon as a universal, foundational principle. Looking at the faith that Progressivists invest in Equality, in spite of evidence of its destructivenes, you can see that this is now their god.

Academics, corporates, government bodies flock to the new cause as it enables them to enjoy the purposeful cameraderie of crusading for a cause while believing that they themselves are not actually the bigoted zealots that they have really become. Progressivists see themselves as being in the vanguard of a new enlightened age. Progressivism is adopted by most of the educated classes. Not because it is true or better but because it flatters them. To fail to fall in step would incur disapproval and ostracism and would be harmful to their careers. The more intolerant Progressivism becomes, the more people fear to dissent and the more they want to subsribe.

Western liberal civilisation, the freest and most successful civilisation that the world has seen, is sacrificed as the Progressives find self-righteous superiority in destroying it. They do this in promotion of the “other”, ignoring all the other’s faults. This destructive gambit is a hollow echo of the Christian injunction to love your neighbour. The legacy of Christian civilisation is still strong in the West and the need for humility in our morality, even if it is false humility, is still ingrained in us.

Has Progressivism enabled us to overcome “othering”? No, the other are now the people left behind in the Progressive march, who were broadly happy with Western civilization. The West is denounced by Progressives for “systemic injustices.”  This is Marxist language reviling social norms which have generally grown organically among people, or have been in our social life forever. For example wariness towards foreigners is a universal social trait, which is important in protecting us and our tribe from foreign attack. Another newly-reviled ancient social norm, the discouragement of homosexuality, has self-evident value in any society with a future.

Progressivism therefore masquerades as humble self-denial and generously preferring the other. However, they sacrifice only what they do not value. Progressivists have traded in their attachment to their own culture and nation for a new identity which claims transcendence. From this lofty perch they have the pleasure of looking down on their fellow countrymen who retain their natural loyalty, accusing them of small-minded selfishness and hatred of the other. The typically richer, educated, cosmopolitan Progressives in this way give vent to a deep-seated contempt for their less educated but more rooted lower social class fellow-countrymen while sidestepping charges of snobbery. We saw this vividly in the Brexit debate.

The selfishness of the modern materialist West leads Progressivists to ignore the long term destructive consequences of multiculturalism, sexual incontinence and family breakdown. They have fewer children, whose future they might have to worry about, and they just assume that following Progressivism means that things will naturally get better. The fact that their favourite adjective for their movement is “Progressive” reassures them that it will make things better. I do not think it will. I use the term Progressive not just as adjective but the noun and title, fully aware of the dissonance, but this helps one to get inside the thinking of the modern Atheist Left.

Any new dogma that appears, and is on the trajectory of Progressivism, is promoted by an unquestioning media establishment, even if an overwhelming majority of ordinary people are against. This is only too evident in the case of the latest cause of the LGBT lobby, transgenderism.

Coming soon:

Destructive religion

Self-righteous religion

Upside down religion

Blasphemy-condemning religion

Religion of slavery